Daryl Mander

Online Advertising Consultant

I'm an online advertising consultant with 10 years experience running effective advertising campaigns for clients of all sizes. I specialise in PPC, Facebook, Retargeting and Display advertising for SMBs and direct response campaigns.

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Who Is this Daryl Mander anyway?

I'm a location-independent (LI) pay-per-click (PPC) advertising consultant (AC) who's exploring South East Asia (SEA) while building a PPC agency, Big Flare. That's right, I'm an LI PPC AC in SEA.

I've been helping clients grow their businesses through advertising for over 10 years now. I started out in marketing, quickly moved into TV advertising, then moved one more time before I found my natural home: online advertising.

I'm from London, UK, but currently located in South East Asia. I hop around a bit, you can often catch me in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Saigon and Bangkok. I work remotely for clients from the UK, USA and Australia. My physical location may vary, but I'm always online and if we work together, you'll always be able to reach me.

Work-wise, I'm consulting for digital marketing clients while building my PPC agency Big Flare. I usually do a "fully done for you" type service, where you tell me your advertising goals and then I go and do it all for you. I can do an hourly or daily rate for one-off consultation and training, but my preference is for clients who are looking for ongoing "hands on" management of their campaigns.

In my spare time I like to pick up heavy things, try to eat healthy, then try to cancel out all those healthy efforts with a bottle of wine or two. I'm an ex-photography addict who sold his camera to make time for starting a business and then discovered "iPhoneography". I'm an ex-video games addict who sold his consoles to make time for starting a business and is now accidentally addicted again to games on his iPad (who would have guessed that they now make really good games for iPad. Hearthstone, anyone?). Damn you Apple for making awesome products that have replaced the enablers of my old addictions! I'm a dog lover who firmly believes dogs > babies.


My Background