Daryl Mander

Online Advertising Consultant

I'm an online advertising consultant with 10 years experience running effective advertising campaigns for clients of all sizes. I specialise in PPC, Facebook, Retargeting and Display advertising for SMBs and direct response campaigns.

My Services

Need my help mastering online advertising and growing a new revenue stream for your business? Here's what I can do for you.

Paid Search Marketing

I love paid search marketing, simply because it works incredibly well. And why wouldn't it? As Google's latest ad says: "People searching for a taxi, want a taxi." Potential customers are already out there looking for your product or service online. Be smart, make sure your ad appears next time they're searching.


Facebook Advertising


Paying for ad placements on Facebook allows you to target prospects based on ALL the data in the Facebook profile. What they like, their interests, what groups they're in, what pages or products they're into etc. It's a marketer's gold mine of useful targeting data, and I've been leveraging it since their ad platform was originally released.


Visitors who have been to your site but didn't complete a purchase are much more likely to complete a purchase after seeing an ad than those who have never heard of you before.  Common sense stuff, right? Retargeting it the most effective way of targeting Display advertising, and it recently got even better with the introduction of Facebook Newsfeed Retargeting.


Display Advertising


I specialise in using Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) via the latest demand-side-platforms (DSPs) to buy display advertising that works for direct response campaigns. Thanks to this approach, Display is now a channel that can work for small DR focused businesses as well as big brands with budgets to burn.